One of our great web and promotion packages has proven to be very popular and so we would like to offer it to you. This is a both a hosting and Search Engine promotion combo service. If you already have a site, you will already have hosting services and might even have search engine promotions but perhaps not both and probably not at the great price we can offer! Prices do of course vary depending on your site but as a guide, we can provide most sites with our combo hosting and Search Engine promotion deal for just 299 plus VAT per annum. This service hosts both your web site and email services and at the same time regularly submits your site (to keep the search info fresh) to all of the popular Search Engines making the package very cost effective (cheaper than pay-per-click, etc) and opens the potential of many more surfers to find and so visit your site.

Of course, if you prefer to keep your site and hosting where it is (perhaps you are tied-in, something we don't do) we can still offer you our great standard Search Engine Submissions package for just 199 plus VAT per annum. All we would need is access to your curent site hosting to upload the special code and information about your site and the content that Search Engines make use of. Note that we don't just simply 'submit' your site once as some systems do, we in fact generate special pages that Google, Yahoo, MSN, LIVE, ASK, etc can make direct use of such as Site Maps, RSS Feeds, etc and keep them updated to match your site changes.

Many of you might also ask about (and perhaps have even tried) such as Google AdWords. There is no doubt that these work however, (those who have tried it will know) the costs can get a bit too much and in these times, costs need to be kept to a minimum. Basically, Google AdWords are words that are charged per 'click' for each word matched in a Google search, ie if your 'link' is shown* when a user clicks it, you are the charged a fee. As an example the phrase 'computer repair' can cost from 2.70 PER CLICK! Budgets of 50 per month as minimum starting values are suggested, that's 600 a year to get going with for just a couple of words with just one search engine! *Even though you pay the AdWords fee's, you will not always be listed in the links as not everyone can be at the top all the time so even paying these amounts does not guarantee a listing and so those valuable visitors.
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Trading since 2007 - we can help you with comprehensive support, web sites, email systems and to get your site found on the search engines... so please, read on.

You have probably arrived at this page from a link that we have emailed, directly from within a link on this web site or via a search engine or other link.  Either way, hopefully if you can spend a few minutes to read this page and perhaps browse other areas of the site, you may find some information or a product/service that we may be able to provide you with.
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Well we are told the the 'Credit Crunch' is easing up a little but with news about some of the well known and mainstream companies still struggling, so sounds like it is still going to be hard work.  Well we have seen lots of new business in the eCommerce sector and have been very busy and so we are pleased to say, "business is as usual" here and we will keep going, offering good value for money and support and assistance just when you need it the most. We have introduced a new level in our eConcept system and think that will enable a lot of new businesses to get started, take a look at for more info.  We don't know what accounting changes the government has in store for this year and beyond, so we will stay on our toes and if you have our support cover, you can relax knowing we have all the latest news and you just call us for a prompt and efficient reply and get answers to any Astra queries you have.
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So, what can we do for you in the coming year?

If you are one of our Astra Accounts Support customers, you might not realise we also specialise in web and email systems, database systems (Filemaker) and PC installations and repairs which include WiFi, Broadband, Networking, etc, and we are Microsoft Partners too so we can help you with software like Office (Word & Excel), SQL Server, Outlook, etc. Please spend a few minutes to read on as it might just save you some money and perhaps maybe even your business in these unsure times.
Call on our support services when you need us.  Don't struggle with problems or issues, with our support packages we are here to help you when you need it the most!*
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As you might have read or heard on the news, retail sales (on the high street) are down while internet sales are on the up for yet another year!  If you search the web, you can find facts such as this and more, proving the web is the way to go.  All this is happening while the high street shops are closed!  eCommerce is the way to go, having a web site is 'a must' for all businesses to survive and succeed in 2016 and beyond.

Perhaps you just don't want or need an eCommerce (shopping cart) system and only want to promote and get your business seen on the net, well we can help there too! If you don't already have a web site or perhaps you have one but you are not happy with it, maybe it is outdated or you can't get hold of your 'web guy', then we can create, revamp or replace your current site with a new one that lets people know that...
A new 'info' or revamped site can cost from as little as 195 and includes site hosting and our standard search engine submission for the first year and of course, now is the ideal time to consider and do those changes to get your site seen and not left behind, just hoping that some sales to come your way. Remember, some site visitors just want to know where you are and what you do and so all you need is an information site. This kind of site can be a business life-saver and you should know by now that if you can't be found on the net - you simply don't exist and will miss out on that much needed, valuable and vital trade so, get your site 'switched-on' today.
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OK, so you have a web site and you are happy with it except for your 'Contact Us' page...

Unfortunately, an ever increasing number of web users, particularly new & retail customers use plus mobile users, simply don't use email clients and instead use such as a Hotmail, Facebook, Yahoo, Google mail, etc, account to send, receive and process their emails.  So, what does this mean to you? Well when your visitor clicks the link, it will try and start a mail application on their PC or Mac and guess what, they don't have a mail account set up which means in most cases, they simply give up and don't bother to contact you - a lost sale!

The solution is simple, provide a proper 'Contact Us' form for your site!  For an example, please click here Us. This is our standard 'Contact Form' and is simple to use. Following is an example of the type of email you would receive from this form once it has been submitted:

The following message has been Sent from the Supake Web Form
On YYYY-MMM-DD 10:10:37 this message was sent by Paul D. Starbrook as follows:
My Telephone number: 01246 826557
My Contact Email Address:
My Interest Is: Web Design Services
My Message is:
I would like more information about your 'Contact Us' forms!  Please call me on 01246 826557
========== End of Message ==========
[This email has been processed by the Supake Auto-Mailing System]

As you can see, the message is clearly formatted (not just a jumble of text like some systems provide) and lets you quickly pick out any details from the feedback sent. Various fields, menus, check boxes and other controls can be added to suit and if required a feedback message can also be sent to the client or a standard 'thank you' page can displayed as in this example.

Options and costs for this do of course vary depending on what you want on the forms but a standard contact us form like this one is available for just 65 p/a and can be made available to your site without any access to your current site or hosting by us, all you need to do is provide a link on your site to your new Contact Form.

p.s. for those that arrived at this site via a Search Engine or via another link, we also supply accounting systems for both Mac and for Windows PC and offer full UK based support and guidance.  We can also offer you a great deal on your accountancy fees, so if you are looking to save some money then please give us a call!
Is there anything else can we do for you?

Well, we think there is and so would like to offer you direct access to a business class mailbox via a web browser. This will allow you to access your email from virtually anywhere in the world and so be able to send and receive and stay in touch at all times. It works a little like a Hotmail account but it is
your business name and not some odd looking style email address.  Both end users (retail) and nore importantly businesses expect to see professional looking email address and so you can have this with our web mail system. If you already have a domain name, we can take over this for you (and host it as above) and then provide the web mail service. This service costs just 49 p/a per mailbox - that's less than 1 a week for a quality and reliable web mail service!  If purchased in blocks of 10, is discounted to 299 p/a per block. If you would like to know more about our web based email service, then please contact us!
* You must have a support contract with us that is active and paid for - we do not offer one-off support calls.
Thank you for taking the time to read this page, hopefully we have helped and perhaps answered some of your questions but if there is anything else that you think we can help you with, please call us for information, pricing or just a chat.  We will do our best to give you the best advice and service that we can.

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Latest Astra News: Did you know, that as an existing Astra Premier (or Overture) User, if you have a support plan* with us, you are entitled to a discounted upgrade to the Millennium package?  This is for both Mac OSX (up to 10.6, sorry not supported on Lion yet) and for PC Windows (any version) which offers a massive range of new features and functionality.  You can even use your old Premier Data and we will port it all across for you so you can move seamless to the Millennium system.  There are some requirements needed to run Millennium and all this info, along with demos, can be found on the web site.  If you need to move because you need more features such as Stored Invoices, Multiple Accounts and Delivery options, keep transactions on-line (3 years live!) or some other feature then call us for info or advice, we are ready to assist you with your query!
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