We, Supake Ltd, understand that your trust in us, with the products and service you use with us, is our responsibility and the protection of your information is important.  This notice is to help you understand how we process and maintain your information.

Why do we need your information?  We may ask for names, contact numbers, address details and email details.  We ask for this so we can contact you with price information, important updates and of course, invoices - which can also be annually renewals.  We do not pass this information on to any third party and the information you provide us with is strictly for use between you and us.

How do we use your information?  Your details may be saved in our secure (off-line) database and accounting systems.  This information is used specifically to contact you for the same reason as we collect your information, ie invoicing, updates and so-on, and in addition, may from time to time, contact you with any service related to the products you have or have used with us in the past.  Your information is kept on our secure in-house systems (not cloud or internet based) and is only stored on hardware that is secure and not accessible to unauthorised persons.

Sensitive Data.  We do not request or store any sensitive data such as financial information other than that required for day to day accountancy within Supake Ltd and any additional detail given in any telephone conversion in order to assist with a support or technical query in relation to our accounting systems, is not retained and is securely destroyed when the query is completed.

Keeping you up to date.  Occasionally, we may contact you by phone, email or post.  This is to advise you of any product or service we may be able to provide you with that we feel is related or you have indicated an interest in or as required to maintain a level of information relating to any service we provide you with now, eg web and email server maintenance, etc.  If you have specifically requested that you do not want any such communications or have indicated a preference, eg by email only, then we will observe that request and communications format.

Fraud Protection.  We do our utmost to ensure your data is safe at all times.  No financial or personal detail is stored online* and not distributed to third parties.  We operate a Payment with Order system for new clients and 'on account' services for established clients.  In the event we are requested by an appropriate body, ie The Inland Revenue, etc, we do comply to their request and may supply them with relevant financial data that we hold about you.  *The exception to this is a limited number of beneficiaries stored within our online banking  provider, where your name and bank payment details (account and sort code, etc) are stored for the purpose of bank transfers for receipts and payments.

Credit Reference Agencies.  We do not use any Credit Reference Agencies.  All clients are personally vetted by us and all ‘new’ clients are required to establish a line of credit with us, if required.

Access to your information.  You have the right to see the information we hold about you.  This is typically your name, company name and address details and contact details.  As a client, we also retain transaction information and this is retained for as long as required, eg 6 years for accountancy purposes as prescribed by the GOV.UK web site,

Removal of Personal Data.  If you believe that we hold incorrect or out of date information about you, you may request that this be updated or removed, ie your 'right to be forgotton' under GDPR requirements.  We will honour any legitimate request and aim to do this within 14 days of a written (post or email) request from an authorised individual.  Please note that once data is removed, we may be unable to assist with queries relating to any deleted data and as such, any future related support may incur additional time and costs to provide.

Web Site Services and Security.  As a provider of services, it is possible from time to time that you may visit use one of our web sites or a site we have created for one of our clients.  Any information you have used on such sites, is to the best of our intentions, secure and limited to the individuals that may use that information.  Sites that are created for our clients use, come under their own jurisdiction for security measures, et-al, and we do not have access to, nor the power to edit or delete such information that may be contained within those sites and services.  Our own use sites may use Cookies and in the event you visit one of these sites, a Cookie Notice will be presented for your information.  Any sensitive data that may be requested and provided will be done via an SSL based site (which can be verified by the certificate present within that site) and so encrypted before transmission.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us on 01246 826557 or email via our Contact Us page.


Supake reserves the right to revise its policies at any time.

This document may not be copied or distributed without the express written permission of Supake.


This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

If you have any further queries or would like to clarify any points regarding our Terms & Conditions, please contact us.

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